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Ocala, FL Social Security Disability FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Social Security Disability

Consider the following social security disability FAQs for guidance through a social security diasbilty claim or lawsuit.

How do I apply for Social Security Disability benefits?

In order to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you must complete an online application on the Social Security Administration’s website. The application requests basic contact and identifying information, as well as information pertaining to income, employment and medical history.

For assistance with applying for Social Security Disability, speak to a Social Security Disability lawyer in Ocala.

Can I return to work while getting Social Security Disability benefits?

Yes. It is very much possible to return to work while receiving Social Security Disability benefits. The federal government typically grants recipients with a nine month trial period to determine if a disabled individual’s ability to work is possible.

What are the eligibility requirements to get Social Security Disability benefits?

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to receive Social Security Disability benefits:

  • You must have worked previously in jobs approved or covered by Social Security.
  • A severe medical condition must exist. This medical condition should meet the definition of a disability, as defined by the Social Security Administration.
  • In order to even apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you must also be at least 18 years old. (However, in some cases, disabled children may qualify for special benefits).

How do Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments differ?

Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are similar in that they both provide monthly payments to people in need, including to the disabled. However, there are different requirements for each.

Social Security is paid to an individual who is unable to work because of a disability. These benefits may also be disbursed to the individual’s spouse and children for support. SSI does not work like this. It typically pays out to only one individual. This individual has to have a low income, be at least 65 years old, and be blind or disabled. In many cases, an applicant may qualify for both Social Security benefits and SSI. Speak to an Ocala SSD attorney to determine which set of benefits is most appropriate for you.  

What are compassionate allowances?

When an individual who applies for Social Security benefits has a medical condition that is extremely severe, he/she may be granted a compassionate allowance. This initiative is set forth to make the application process simpler for people who experience an abnormal deal of suffering. Compassionate allowances expedites the processing of benefits so that individuals with extreme conditions receive resources early on.

Will unemployment benefits affect my Social Security benefits?

No. Your unemployment benefits will not be affected by Social Security benefits because such resources will not be calculated as a source of income. You should be aware, however, that in many cases, the amount of unemployment benefits one receives may decrease as a result of Social Security benefits. To discover how these benefits may work together in your case, visit our SSD law firm in Ocala, FL.

Can I qualify for Social Security disability benefits if I get veterans’ benefits?

Yes. If you meet the criteria determined by the Social Security Administration, you may be able to qualify for VA benefits and a subset of Social Security benefits, including SSI and SSDI benefits. There are also other types of need-based resources that you may wish to apply for.

What is the difference between Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Social Security DIsability (SSD) is designed for individuals who have worked many hours in the employment market and have paid taxes into the Social Security system. On the other hand, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is primarily set in force to assist individuals who have been unemployed for long periods of time or have received little income. These individuals, as evident, are typically unable to afford to pay into the Social Security system,

Who determines whether I’m disabled?

The first person that may determine if you are disabled is your medical professional through a comprehensive medical examination. Upon receiving the proper medical care, you can then apply for Social Security benefits. You will be required to provide information about your medical history and your medical professionals on the application.

The Social Security Administration relies on a 5 step process to determine an individual’s state of disability. They will consider the following questions to make an assessment:

  1. Is the individual employed?
  2. What is the severity of the individual’s condition?
  3. Is the individual’s condition listed among other qualifying disabilities?
  4. Is it possible for the individual to perform work that has been done before?
  5. Is it possible for the individual to perform other types/scopes of work?

Do I need a social security disability attorney?

Lawyers are not required for social security disability cases. But, there are numerous benefits associated with hiring a qualified Social Security Disability attorney.

What can a social security disability attorney do for me?

A Social Security Disability attorney can help you submit a proper application with the Social Security Administration and ensure that you have the necessary documents and materials to support your request. In the event that your application is denied, a Florida lawyer will be particularly necessary during the appeals process. Ultimately, the process of applying and receiving social security benefits is better understood with the help of an attorney, especially if you experience changes in the future that may impact your benefits.

Can I get disability benefits after a car accident?

Yes. In fact, you may pursue disability benefits and a personal injury claim (if the accident is caused by the negligence of another driver).

If I work part-time but not full-time, can I get disability benefits?

Yes. However, if you are physically and mentally able to work full-time, the Social Security Administration will have to consider the type of employment and level of income to determine if disability benefits are an option for you.

How long does a Social Security disability / SSI appeal take?

Typically 3 to 4 months.

Is there a time limit to file a Social Security disability or SSI appeal?

Yes. You have 65 days to submit an appeal.

Is there a cost for filing SSD or SSI benefits?

Submitting a SSD/SSI application is free, but if you acquire an attorney’s help during the process, you may be required to pay attorney fees.

Is there anything I can do to expedite my hearing?

If you have a critical case or if you are in dire need, your hearing may be expedited for your benefits. Common examples include an individual’s homelessness, starvation, and need for crucial medical care.

How is a representative paid in an SSD case?

Representatives will receive roughly 25 percent of your backordered pay if the SSD case is successful.

What happens to my disability benefits when I get to retirement age?

Upon encountering retirement, you can still receive benefits from the Social Security Administration. However, your benefits will be disbursed to you in the form of an SSA retirement program instead. You will receive the same amount of funds from a different source.

In addition, you may be able to continue to work and accept higher forms of payment (without your benefits being affected).

What type of evidence should my doctor be supplying?

Your doctor should provide documents that demonstrate the type of disability that you have and its effects on your life. Most doctors supply copies of  X-rays, CT scans, diagnoses and applicable symptoms, shot records, treatment plans, and prescription drugs that are assigned to you.

My doctor wants to charge me for a medical report; is this common?

Yes. Requesting multiple copies of your medical report may result in filing and processing fees.

If I’m awarded SSD or SSI benefits, how much money will I receive?

It depends on the state that you live in, the severity of your disability, the presence of dependent family members (children), and your level of income. The standard amount of SSD benefits is over 700 dollars. The average amount of SSI benefits is over 1600 dollars. In some cases, individuals may receive SSI benefits totaling up to over 2600 dollars. Every case is different and these standards are modified based on the conditions of each individual.

Can I receive workers’ comp and SSD benefits?

Yes. If you experience an injury at work, you can receive both workers’ compensation and SSD benefits. Although the government permits access to both of these resources, the total amount of each will be decreased.

For more information on Social Security Disability benefits and what you may be eligible for, visit McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli in Ocala, FL today.

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