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Although contracts serve to maintain the structure and organization of business projects and events, they are often not always strictly adhered to or properly enforced.

Breach of contracts are serious. Not only do they prevent a specific project or event from following appropriate protocol and standards, but they can also harm your rights, privileges and investment.

Contract Litigation Lawyers

Contracts play a significant role in businesses and enterprises. When done correctly, these legally binding agreements provide the foundation for a specific project or event. Contracts outline how a project will be completed and the responsibilities of the people and/or companies involved.

When the terms and conditions of a contract are compromised, whether orally or physically, a breach of contract occurs, leaving your or your company with many costly damages. Fortunately, experienced commercial litigation attorneys at McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli can protect your investment and interests after a breach of contract occurs.

Breach of Contracts

A breach of contract is a violation of an agreement’s terms and conditions. It occurs when people (or companies) fail to follow the specific guidelines that are provided within the document. The most common forms of contract violations are the following:

  • Failure to Compensate: Whenever a business joins another business, or if a company joins in on an agreement with an employee or customer, there is an expectation that arises. The parties and people involved rightfully expect to be compensated for performing their duties and tasks. A delay in pay, or disbursement of an inadequate amount of funds, is considered a breach of contract. The exact percentage and/or numerical amount provided within the contract is what is lawfully owed to any and all parties involved.
  • Poor Quality Goods & Services: Contracts that are drafted properly should indicate the type of work that will be performed. They should also include detailed descriptions of any and all arrangements. Businesses and enterprises that fail to provide high-quality products and services are risking their contract agreements. The damages for poor commercial products and services can be severe. Defective materials, costly damages, unsatisfied customers, overworked employees, and decline in a company’s overall reputation and profit may be the results. You should contact an experienced commercial contract attorney to help you receive proper compensation after a contract violation.
  • Inadequate Participants & Fraud: When businesses merge with other companies and/or people to produce goods and services, they expect each participating party to operate with total competence and integrity. Falsified experiences and fraudulent licenses and/or certificates are considered serious crimes.

Ocala, FL Commercial Contract Attorneys

When contracts are signed, they immediately become legally binding. Therefore, failure to follow the included terms and conditions grants you with the right, privilege and opportunity to file a lawsuit within a court of law. But you should not attempt to do this alone.

When breaches of contracts occur, they can be handled in many ways. The most popular forms of mediation and resolution include private negotiations and judicial hearings. These proceedings, however, can be lengthy, tedious, and even frustrating. They require a ton of paperwork and sensitive time restraints.

Further, without the help of an experienced contract attorney, they may not always work in your favor. You need a reliable commercial litigation lawyer that can sincerely advocate on your behalf, negotiate for you, and prove that your contract has been violated (even if violated orally). No matter what frightening situation you may be facing, you can count on experienced Ocala, FL, attorneys at McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli.

When a breach of contract occurs, rely on us to restore your hard-earned investments and well-deserved interests.

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