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Ocala, FL Lease or Licensing Disputes

Regardless of the the size of a company, litigation can be costly and hazardous to the survival of both the business and the property owner. Many of these problems arise from misunderstandings surrounding the fine print in commercial contracts. The following litigation proceedings and necessary steps to resolve these issues can be complicated and difficult to understand; however, our attorneys at McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli are here to assist you. We are committed to helping resolve these issues in your favor so you can continue to focus on the growth of your company.

Florida Licensing Disputes

The licenses required for a company to operate depend on the type of business they wish to own in order to prove they can adhere to the standards set by the industry. For instance, restaurants will need various public health certifications and may also need to obtain a liquor license. Any type of medical service will require extensive licenses so patients can trust the service they are receiving. If these licenses are revoked for any reason, even for a short period of time, your company will be unable to conduct business. This can be extremely difficult for any company, especially a small business, to recover from. If your license is revoked or suspended, you must first complete the appeals process provided by your agency prior to seeking further legal action. If your company is not guilty of the actions described by the provider or they did not follow the proper procedures, McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli can help you prove the suspension or rejection of your license was outside the scope of their agency.

Common Commercial Lease Disputes in Florida

There are a variety of reasons that your company may now be facing legal repercussions; therefore, it is important to learn about the different causes. For example, there may be difficulty understanding legal jargon in the contract or disagreement over the various responsibilities (including who performs repairs and other nonmonetary terms) between the lessee and the lessor. Further, if the two parties encounter an issue not described in the contract, there may be conflict over how to handle it. These problems will only escalate in the presence of a new owner who did not originally agree to these terms but most now abide by them.

Preventing Commercial Lease Disputes

The best way to ensure a dispute is resolved in your favor is to avoid them altogether. A commercial litigation attorney can assist you by identifying common contract negotiable terms and thoroughly explaining all fine print. For example, you will want to consider the type of lease you are signing. Preferably, you will want a short term lease that you can renew. It is very difficult to break a commercial lease so you will want to make sure that your company is stable and can afford to continue making payments before you agree to a long term lease. Unlike residential leases, there are many factors you will need to agree upon with your lesser. Most likely, you will be held responsible for any maintenance or repairs necessary in the building. If you want to make any adjustments to the structure, you also will want to request permission from your landlord before you sign your contract. The same is true if you are hoping your landlord will not allow any of your competition to rent space in the same shopping center.

Commercial Attorneys in Ocala, FL

If you find yourself in the middle of a legal dispute regarding your commercial property or license, contact McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli. Because contracts are legally binding, there are numerous clauses depicting various responsibilities that may be quite complicated to keep track of. However, Ocala commercial lawyer can help explain everything you are agreeing to do to avoid conflicts in the future. In the event of a dispute, our team of associates will work aggressively to ensure your goals are met and your company experiences as little downtime as possible. Our priority is not to merely help you win your case, but to resolve the relationship between both parties. If this dispute is resolved successfully, you will be able to maintain a respectful and profitable working relationship for many years to come. Contact our Ocala law offices today to consult the most experienced and motivated team to protect your business.

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