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Don’t let a sale or closing go awry due to misinformation or lack of experience. We provide qualified representation to our clients in the expansive area of real estate law.

Real Estate Attorney Ocala, FL

Real estate law deals with the purchase and sale of real estate properties and the many issues that arise while you own, occupy or sell a property. Because of this, it is also sometimes known as property law. These properties can be commercial or residential properties and may have buildings or simply be vacant areas of land. Real estate properties are significant investments. When there is a dispute about a piece of real estate, it can easily lead to a long, expensive litigation process. If you are facing real estate litigation, work with an experienced attorney who can represent your interests.

Ocala, FL Attorney for Real Estate Issues

Real estate law covers a wide variety of issues. Examples of these issues include:

  • Contracts
  • Eminent domain
  • Taxation
  • Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Property line disputes
  • Property ownership disputes
  • Easements
  • Building codes and their violations
  • Real estate transactions
  • Mortgages
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

At McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli, we are equipped to handle your real estate dispute. Jon McGraw is an experienced real estate attorney who can develop a legal strategy for your case, no matter what type of real estate issue you are facing.

Protect Your Property and Your Interests

If you are a property owner facing a foreclosure, you need to work with an experienced real estate attorney if you want to protect your home. In many cases, there are ways to work out a payment plan with your mortgage lender and save your home. If this is an option, we can advocate for you.

We can also represent your case if you are facing a dispute with your tenant or your landlord. We understand that renting a house or an apartment can lead to disputes, such as disputes over the terms of your lease or disputes about your rent and security deposit. When you work with a government program, such as Section 8, these disputes can become even more complicated. We can untangle these issues for you and guide you through the process of resolving them either in court or through alternative dispute resolution.

If you are a property owner facing pressure from your city or town to use your property for municipal needs, we can represent your interest as well. Eminent domain is the purchase of private property for public use, such as to build a roadway. As a property owner, you deserve fair compensation for your home.

Consult With An Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

If you are facing a real estate dispute or you want to learn more about your rights as a landlord, tenant, homeowner or prospective buyer, contact McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli today to schedule your free legal consultation with us. The key to protecting your real estate rights and interests is being proactive and seeking legal help as soon as you can after the need arises. You might even want to seek legal help before the need arises, depending on your circumstances. We can answer any questions you have and represent your case if it needs to go to court.

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