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Ocala, FL Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions Attorneys

Selling or buying a home or any other commercial property can be a sound and thrilling experience. But sorting through the complicated procedural and contractual matters relating to real estate transactions can be an intimidating job. This job can be best tackled through the guidance of an experienced real estate attorney.

Our Ocala real estate lawyers provide knowledgeable and practical legal advice that relate to all aspects of real estate transactions financing, land use, and entity formation. We also carefully monitor legal decisions that affect our highly esteemed clients.

At McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli, our lawyers are in the business of assisting private individuals, organizations and corporations with all of the details of their real estate transactions. As real estate attorneys serving the North Central Florida community, including all of Marion County, we can provide confidential services in a timely manner for reasonable rates so that our valued clients can close their deals within their desired timeframe.

Florida Real Estate Sales & Closings

We can assist clients throughout Ocala and Marion County with these typical issues under Florida law:

  • Contract Negotiations & Disputes: Multiple businesses and individuals may be represented on both sides of a land deal or sale of developed property.
  • Business Closings: In order to finish the sale of a business, which may include transferring physical property, finished structures, and equipment, the buyer and seller need their own representation.
  • Residential Real Estate Transactions: Within a simple home deal, there can be issues, especially with existing homes, that buyers and sellers are better off having handled by our Florida lawyers.
  • Title Insurance Premiums: We purchase the insurance that you need to execute a real estate deal from start to finish.
  • Buyer Representation: We help buyers verify that all independent inspections of their desired property as well as paperwork for financing and title work are complete before signing on the dotted line and taking ownership.
  • Commercial & Residential Lease Preparation: Not every commercial or residential buyer wants to execute a sale of property. With the definite advantages to leasing property, buyers and sellers can count on us for careful writing of leases for businesses and homes. Be sure that your legal rights are protected.

We leverage together years of combined real estate law experience to provide comprehensive and efficient guidance throughout the life of your property transaction. Our lawyers take a bestowed interest in ensuring that your transaction complies with Florida real estate law. We also negotiate contracts that bind sale and acquisition of property, carefully examining the details of your purchase agreements and contracts, trying to search for potential legal issues or red flags that may cause you harm in the future. Our real estate lawyers will assist you with the title review, the due diligence, and all the other aspects of your deal to bring to a closing about your transaction.

Real Estate Lawyer & Transaction Advisor

At McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli, we identify and resolve issues that arise before the completion of the property transaction. We work to define all the potential issues regarding real estate transactions to ensure a smooth closing that is never bogged down by an overlooked issue. We also counsel mediators concerning potential liabilities in dealing with opposing parties together with their clients until after all documents are signed and the completion of the sale of property.

If you are buying or selling a piece of real estate, leasing a commercial or residential property, or need to know how to obtain authorized access or an easement access to someone’s property, we can help to discuss your real estate transaction today through our real estate attorney.

The services of real estate lawyers are also useful for organizations that conduct land transactions many times over in a typical business cycle. For example, real estate developers are frequently engaged in years of contract negotiations and may have disputes over deals that hold up their developments from breaking ground. If this is your scenario, you need to be able to trust a licensed Florida real estate attorney throughout the process.

A Team Approach Toward Guiding You In Your Transaction

Ocala real estate attorney Jon McGraw works tirelessly to help homeowners, property owners and business owners in real estate transactions, including:

  • Covenants
  • Easements (legitimate right to use to another’s property)
  • Title review
  • Sale or purchase of residential or commercial property
  • Review and drafting of leases
  • Due diligence

Property purchases, tenancy in common (TIC), joint tenancy, and condominium conversations present the complex set of potential threats where you need experienced legal guidance. Even though the transaction may be completed, many issues can arise after the formal closing. Some parties can breach contracts, and the buyers may not discover this abnormal conditions until after the signing of the documents

Our dedicated team of experienced and problem-solving lawyers offers you the results that you will find at large firms with the personal service and affordable rates you will only find in a small firm setting.

For more information, please schedule an appointment with an experienced real estate transaction lawyer concerning real estate sales and purchases. We handle all real estate matters with accuracy and professionalism, and we look forward to speaking with you today.

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