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What You Should Know About Medical Benefits

Although workers’ compensation is an insurance program mandated by federal law, each state has the authority to devise its own format for providing medical coverage and income replacement for qualifying injured workers. All the parties involved, including employees, employers and insurance carriers, are required to comply with specific rules that govern these benefits.

The problem is that sometimes insurance companies and employers act in bad faith regarding a workers’ compensation claim. Many insurance companies attempt to deny claims or delay payments in efforts to settle the claims for smaller sums. In these situations, a workman comp lawyer with McGraw, Rauba & Mutarelli can review the facts of the case and potentially help the parties involved reach an agreement that recovers benefits for the worker.

Construction Worker Qualification

Federal law requires all employers to provide workman compensation insurance, but with each state having some autonomy, Florida has divided its workers into two divisions: construction and non-construction. Because the construction worker compensation rules are more strict and complicated, these workers are more likely to require a consultation with a work compensation lawyer.

An experienced and assertive work injury lawyer can help workers obtain their deserved coverage in a timely manner and point out any other potential options of legal recovery. The odds are especially good when the construction employer has failed to comply with safety rules of regulations.

Non-Construction Qualifications

In non-construction jobs, employers are only required to cover employees if they hire four or more part-time or full-time workers. Independent contractors are not necessarily required to provide coverage for themselves. If an employer has been negligent in providing required insurance coverage, a workman compensation lawyer can help employees collect medical benefits. However, when there is no requirement for medical benefit or income replacement coverage, work injury lawyers can rarely help unless there is another statute that establishes legal standing to sue.

Types of Medical Benefits

Any injury that occurs while the employee is in discharge of duty will entitle the worker to medical benefit coverage of all documented medical bills for treatment as a result of the injury. This also includes tests recommended by the medical professionals and subsequent therapy sessions needed for the employee’s recovery. However, impact of any prior injuries does not necessarily apply when the claimable injury renders the employee unable to return to work.

Statute of Limitations

Many work-related injuries do not manifest until much later or after an employee has changed jobs. These can be difficult cases to validate, but a good work compensation lawyer can often find some sort of employment-related documentation that may establish coverage for medical benefits. The deadline for filing a compensation claim is two years in Florida.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Ocala, FL

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